10 Ways To Style Graphic Tees

Hi friends! I am SO excited about today's post! If you know me, you know I absolutely love fashion, and I guess you can say the creative side of me comes out when it comes to styling outfits!
A while back I was with shopping with my best friend and she was on the fence about buying a dress because she didn't know how to style it. Without even thinking I started listing off about 5 different ways I would style the piece, and she laughed because it was such a typical "me" response. This moment got me thinking about how I would style my own graphic tees that I sell in my Detailed Threads Co. shop! Of course I have discovered numerous ways I style my tees, and realized it could be so helpful if I shared my styling tips with you all!
I know so many of you all have my long sleeve tees, so I came up with 10 different ways to style my graphic long sleeve tees, I hope you love them! Find this exact tee HERE!
1 - Classic
2 - Edgy
3 - Cute
4 - Athletic
5 - Statement Jeans
6 - Girly
7 - Vest
8 - Long Sweater
9 - Trendy
10 - Athleisure


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